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d.boon 3 days
(new) Will Klopp Be A Flop At The Kop [23]
I reckon Klopp will be a semi hit at Liverpool, my prediction is they will finish 3rd or 4th and maybe win the FA Cup or League Cup
d.boon July 2019
(new) Women's World Cup 2019 (2)
So far it has been great. VAR has becoming a big talking point aswell.
d.boon April 2019
(new) Man City V Spurs Again! But In The EPL (0)
My prediction is that Man City will beat Spurs. The latter will be to consumed to knock Ajax out in the 2 leg semi Champs League match..
d.boon April 2019
(new) National League (1)
Who do think will be auto-promoted? It's very tight at the top
d.boon May 2017
(new) UEFA's Away Goal Rule (6)
UEFA should axe away goal rule for the Champions League and Europa League. If the aggregate is the same after 90 minutes it should go into extra time

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d.boon August 2019
Jose is a pundit on Sky Sports now smile
d.boon November 2019
I reckon Man City, Liverpool, Man U and Arsenal
d.boon July 2019
I would tell the Chelsea team to get over Hazard leaving and challenge Man City to the title.
d.boon June 2019
Yorkshire derby
d.boon May 2019
@ 9362 - 21.05.19 - 10:43pm Britain beat FranceBrilliant result

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