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mosken 8 hours 46 minutes
(new) Corello Via Disease (5)
Computerized Tecnology Disease Which Can Be Transmited Vai Air Wave.
warded 4 days
(new) Windows 10 2004 and MS Edge (3)
Couple of large updates. That even had some updates on top of updates. Also it turned the taskbar white !! which i reverted immediately.
john_163 6 days
(new) New Desktop [74]
ok hear are my spec good enough for gameing? as im on budget, and also i only come home 3 months a year, so dont want spend more, il be pairing it with my gtx 1050ti and with my 1 tb wd hdd and a 240 gb kingston
nomber 16 days
(new) Scammers (2) Don't trust MyPhoneSupport. They are scammers.
john_163 30 days
(new) Desktop wont Power Up (3)
ok im back home after 1year, b4 leaving my desktop was workng fine, untill i came back home yestrday, an only to find desktop wont power up, i
3000ad June 2020
(new) FREENET (FTB) in any country [57]
(b) HOW TO SETUP FTB (FREENET) IN ANY COUNTRY(/b) First part you need a ssh server to connect : 1) *go to TcpVPN* 2
flash June 2020
(new) Free GAMES Site (8)
Anyone can share free PC games site good
flash June 2020
Have anyone installing windows 10 and meet up on the OOBETTINGS error? Out of the box experience help
june12 June 2020
(new) Asus pc not charging (4)
My Asus laptop stopped charging and I got another charger for it. Once I plug it, it shows connected but the connected Amber signal led goes off in fe
vincebal May 2020
(new) windows 8 no audio on laptop [13]
I have a dell inspiron basic laptop using windows 8.its not the fastest laptop but,anyways recently I have started experiencing problems with audio.I
vincebal May 2020
(new) House amplifier (4)
Hi guys,im on the verge of buying a house amplifier and i want it to run two 12 inch pioneer house in south africa and i want to make my own s
skippie7 March 2020
(new) Safe mode disk.sys [14]
I recently installed win 7 on my toshiba laptop. When turning on it freezes at windows startup and restarts. I try booting into safemode but it hangs
phly_kid March 2020
(new) Antivirus [24]
I'm curious as to what is the current proper antivirus app to use in this day and age. Avira has stuck by me since back in the days it was the best fr
jondzani March 2020
(new) Windows to Flash Drive (8)
how to put windows on a flash drive so that u can install it to a laptop that doesnt have a dvd or cd writer please guys help me
flash March 2020
My best windows 7 update will be end on January 14, 2020. Let us all protects to Microsoft for ten years extension

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