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warded 5 days
(new) Process Explorer (1)
If you think windows task manager does not tell you enough, try this little tool from microsoft technet instead. good Personally have used it for over
msxhan 17 days
(new) What is the future of linux? [13]
Linux is best choice for data-analyses and programing but most people use windows an os x inspite of that linux is king 18 days
(new) Windows 10 Anti-virus (9)
Good evening. I always get such good answers here, so I'm going to ask another one. On Windows 10: is Security essentials and a free antivirus,
phly_kid 18 days
(new) Antivirus [25]
I'm curious as to what is the current proper antivirus app to use in this day and age. Avira has stuck by me since back in the days it was the best fr
warded 19 days
(new) Avira and Organizen (3)
wtf A silent install upon an update of Avira's AV.
usb3.1 21 days
(new) New Raspberry Pi 3 B+ [14]
There's a new Pi out now. Much faster processor 1.4Ghz 64bit quad core A53. 3x faster Ethernet, faster Bluetooth and WIFI. Still the same size board a
flash 23 days
My best windows 7 update will be end on January 14, 2020. Let us all protects to Microsoft for ten years extension
warded 29 days
(new) Ubuntu GNU/Linux 20.04 LTS (1)
What's your opinion on this OS?
john_163 September 2020
(new) New Desktop [77]
ok hear are my spec good enough for gameing? as im on budget, and also i only come home 3 months a year, so dont want spend more, il be pairing it with my gtx 1050ti and with my 1 tb wd hdd and a 240 gb kingston
jeannie68 September 2020
(new) Voters ID Info (7)
Please anybody knows any app that can be use to check voter registration status on the internet?
sparky04 September 2020
(new) Drones (10)
Just wondering if anyone here uses, or owns one. Just got myself the mavic pro. Picture quality is second to none a decent range too. August 2020
(new) Convert .wmv-file to.mp4-file (7)
Good day. I have a .wmv-file (Windows media video). How can I convert this to an .mp4-file. I have a Windows 7 computer and an Android smartpho
warded August 2020
(new) Windows 10 2004 and MS Edge (4)
Couple of large updates. That even had some updates on top of updates. Also it turned the taskbar white !! which i reverted immediately.
mosken August 2020
(new) Corello Via Disease (7)
Computerized Tecnology Disease Which Can Be Transmited Vai Air Wave.
a0w August 2020
(new) Software to convert Exe to iso (4)
Do anyone knows the software to convert Exe to iso?

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