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d14nova 1 day 7 hours
(new) lens CCD or len C-MOS (4)
Some digital camera or camcorder completed by lens ccd or c mos.which the best betwen ccd or c mos currently? I have ever canon camera with ccd lens,
flash 4 days
Have anyone installing windows 10 and meet up on the OOBETTINGS error? Out of the box experience help
vallency 6 days
(new) Flashing Decoding Android Phones (3)
Anyone know how to easily remove or decode Android phones??? What are the apps use in doing such???
flash 7 days
My best windows 7 update will be end on January 14, 2020. Let us all protects to Microsoft for ten years extension
maniac13 19 days
(new) Turning off/on laptop (9)
ive noticed recently that when i turn my laptop on or off there are a few things flashing up ie waiting for services,waiting for local session manager
nicky1982m 19 days
(new) Only shows 8GB ram but have 16GB of ram Installed (8)
I'm having a problem with my PC as its saying i only have 8gb available but it has 16gb installed. I no that the motherboard i have installed goes to
warded 21 days
(new) Your Media Player of Choice ? [15]
tea.gif What are yours? Mine are: For Video - MPV on Windows (with SMPlayer as a Graphical User Interface) For Audio - foobar2000 on Windows (w
msxhan 21 days
(new) What is the future of linux? [12]
Linux is best choice for data-analyses and programing but most people use windows an os x inspite of that linux is king 2020
(new) Windows 10 Anti-virus (8)
Good evening. I always get such good answers here, so I'm going to ask another one. On Windows 10: is Security essentials and a free antivirus,
gunger 2020
(new) computers take over the world! (6)
Do you think computers will one day take over the world and unleash terminator type things against us?
neptun3z 2020
(new) macbook pro vs thinkpad x1 linux (3)
As the title says. Ive taken an interest in web development and would like a recommendation. Feel free to comment on a better option.
d14nova 2020
(new) processor AMD A10 vs intel core i5 (7)
Which one is better performance in PC to game and editing photo/video? Surely AMD has lower price than intel core,if AMD has same performance with int
d14nova November 2019
(new) keygen exe [11]
Is keygen exe virus?, Antivirus in my pc detected as virus and in another antivirus not detected as virus.file exe existed is dangerous for pc? The is
jondzani November 2019
(new) Windows to Flash Drive (7)
how to put windows on a flash drive so that u can install it to a laptop that doesnt have a dvd or cd writer please guys help me
nfxcr3w October 2019
(new) Share Your Desktop (Max 1100 x xxx) pinned [2470]
not sure if this is been posted before but would be nice to see your creative minds come to life take a snapshot of your desktop and share heres mine

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