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john_163 2 days
(new) BSOD on my New PC [11]
strange never had this issue untill today, pc suddnly crashed with this error
vaidos 8 days
(new) Vinyl To MP3 (1)
Good morning friends My friend ripped an LP I was borrowing and sent me a download link. But the bass part of the songs don't sound nice. Here'
john_163 10 days
ok here's what old hdd never showed any signs of dying or anything else, all i did was i left clicked on the hdd property's went to secur
warded 14 days
(new) VLC v4.0 (1)
They plan/consider two things you should not like. 1. Big UI change. 2. ads in the player. We should protest against both. Raise your fist and say NO!
john_163 15 days
(new) Windows Insider Preview Build 19042.662 (4)
does any one has this lastest patch? if yes do you have issues with some old application crashing? as for me i can use nox player it just keeps crashi
riitta 29 days
(new) how to connect new talktalk router with printer (2)
any ideas how to fix printer problem between HP printer n HP laptop n mobile as suddenly it wont let us print
flipcom January 2021
(new) VLC media player (8)
Is it just my computer going crazy or the VLC player icon on the taskbar changes during the festive season. I noticed last week. The orange triangle h
tragonie January 2021
(new) Hi all (8)
hi my heaters work upstairs but not downstairs they don't get hot I've tried bleeding them but still the same can anyone help plz
bubza January 2021
(new) 4K Youtube streaming - Android boxes (1)
Hey guys, I am looking to buy an android TV box. I want to know names of android TV boxes that can stream 4K youtube videos. Cheaper the
mandor November 2020
(new) File access issue (0)
Hi hope someone can help. My laptop died so l got a hard drive enclosure for the HD to continue to use it but when plugged into the computer, it wont
warded November 2020
(new) Process Explorer (1)
If you think windows task manager does not tell you enough, try this little tool from microsoft technet instead. good Personally have used it for over
msxhan November 2020
(new) What is the future of linux? [13]
Linux is best choice for data-analyses and programing but most people use windows an os x inspite of that linux is king November 2020
(new) Windows 10 Anti-virus (9)
Good evening. I always get such good answers here, so I'm going to ask another one. On Windows 10: is Security essentials and a free antivirus,
phly_kid November 2020
(new) Antivirus [25]
I'm curious as to what is the current proper antivirus app to use in this day and age. Avira has stuck by me since back in the days it was the best fr
warded November 2020
(new) Avira and Organizen (3)
wtf A silent install upon an update of Avira's AV.

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