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norega June 2017
Anyone got one ? Bought the 500gb 2017 model yesterday and setting it up as a plex server . The thing is amazingly fast and small for the power it h
norega September 2014
(new) 6 core intel under 300 pounds [18]
Intel are releasing there new platform this week and for the first time an affordable 6 core cpu under 300 pounds . Bargin me thinks , wont be buying
norega August 2014
(new) New Shiny Stuff :-) [26]
norega May 2014
(new) Escape from Windows XP [27]
You can't say that Microsoft don't have a sense of humour.
norega April 2013
(new) Intel Haswell CPUs .3rd of june. (3)
Intel Haswell CPUs to be officially launched on 3rd June

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norega May 2019
Kodi is awful on any raspberry pi . I have a raspberry pi in my car as a headless music server with a dedicated dac . Havent tried a dns but it sounds
norega August 2019
iPad Pro 2018 and IPhone 8 Plus . MacBook Pro 2017 , gaming pc 8086k etc etc zzzzzz
norega March 2020
@ 1clivey1 - 17.12.17 - 08:49pm i use totall av its good n you get a disk clean n junk clean that actually
norega November 2018
norega May 2018
What is your budget , do you want 4K ?

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vipinvip October 2016
(new) To make custom pc (9)
Tell me configuration cpu under 449.491 US Dollar. no monitor. Pls mention each detail and price
alvar89 May 2013
(new) GeForce Titan [55]
Its out and its fast shock

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