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tranie January 2010
(new) small txt gmail (3)
ok i was useing my gmail account when the txt size just shrunk ? its now happend again on my adsense page. how can i get my gmail back to normal sized

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tranie January 2020
Go into your advanced system menu start up and untick the box that says more info. Its nowt to worry about, its a kind of debug for starting up.
tranie February 2020
Short out your CMOS battery, then next time you switch on it should show the full memory
tranie May 2019
so after the sucess of setting up my dns server, i decided to plug in a spare rpi2 and try my hand at setting up a webserver. I can safely say you can
tranie May 2019
@ norega - 26.04.19 - 11:40pm Kodi is awful on any raspberry pi . I have a raspberry pi in my car as a hea
tranie May 2019
ok i got bored of kodi, so i was looking round for things to do with my pi. I decided to try running my own DNS server. I installed the software on a

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