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warded 3 days
(new) Windows 10 2004 and MS Edge (2)
Couple of large updates. That even had some updates on top of updates. Also it turned the taskbar white !! which i reverted immediately.
warded January 2020
(new) Your Media Player of Choice ? [15]
tea.gif What are yours? Mine are: For Video - MPV on Windows (with SMPlayer as a Graphical User Interface) For Audio - foobar2000 on Windows (w
warded September 2019
(new) Notepad applications (7)
When Notepad and Wordpad are not enough. What do you use? I personally use Notepad++ x64 minimalist version and it is very fast and responsive even wi
warded August 2019
(new) ? Best IRC client in your opinion (7)
Have used mirc, xchat, chatzilla, miranda, pidgin, irssi. I usually stuck with pidgin, but due to file transferring bugs i'm testing hexchat (basicall
warded August 2019
(new) Cyberlink Power Media Player 14 (4)
Is caca. Bugs, crashes etc. Even VLC does it better. facepalm

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warded 10 days
finallyfast had amusing ads..
warded 21 hours
@ sisfreak2017 - 23.06.20 - 05:07am Get a girlfriend instead.THIS DOES NOT COMPUTE
warded June 2020
warded June 2020
Data theft attempt detected...
warded February 2020
lol @ pw.

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