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sharkies 27 days
(new) what phone are you using [119]
hi what phone are you people using now for prodigits and calls
sharkies September 2021
(new) mp3's sites [37]
hi does anyone know any mp3 site's i can download mp3's from???
sistwe January 2021
(new) app for law memory java ph (9)
My ph is law memory java keypad ph.I 've not email acc**t.
jariceals November 2020
(new) Windows os vs Android (4)
Android is still leading over its opponent Windows. However which of this two is more versatile? Android phones are selling like hot cakes. Windows is
ezzzzzze October 2020
(new) Hi all x (4)
Can sum1 plz help me as I'm trying to unlock my phone its a sumsung a50 plz
pardeepjaat September 2020
(new) buy these mobiles in 2020 (8)
In the year 2019, we have seen many smartphones with notch display and full HD display. Now smartphone manufacturers will introduce
spunkydj September 2020
(new) whats the best network [14]
for internet as wifi contract nearly up and not renewing it
sxcrico September 2020
(new) Corrupt memorycard (4)
Hi. Does anyone know how to fix my memory card as I have alot of family memories on it.
spunkydj September 2020
(new) Uc browser (5)
Is this a proxy browser like opera mini
riitta August 2020
(new) travelling in europe and using mobile (3)
when brits go to continental europe which sim deal is good for keeping in touch with people back in UK. Im going to scandinavia and looking for sim de
usbcable July 2020
(new) Three network UK [44]
The whole network right across the UK is damaged with nearly every customer reporting problems such as no signal, no ability to call, text or access I
sweetcaroline May 2020
(new) sim free mobiles [14]
What are people's thoughts on this subject?
jono3421 May 2020
(new) Vodacom Top-up [19]
Can u bleive vodacom? Theyv changed der top up contracts! Old family topup nw called topup135 and has all cheap fones, nokia 1100 etc. Swak hey!
amrs May 2020
(new) Mailmate settings (5)
Can any1 pls help me with my persomal settings for mailmate using a nokia 6170 on vodacom sa. Thanks in advance.
nhogolo January 2020
(new) help on wifi and gprs [20]
How wifi and gprs are functioning in network system?

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