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warded 4 hours 19 minutes
(new) Seiken Densetsu 3 3D (NSW) [17]
Square-Enix EU 24.04.2020 good.gif Trials of Mana 3D
travisfloresjr 14 hours
(new) YOU (0)
what r the 5 things you like about YOU happy.gif
warded 1 day 4 hours
(new) Switch System Version (5)
Current version is 10.0.1
warded 1 day 4 hours
(new) Old and new prodigits (4)
Cannot go back and forth freely anymore. Now have to login again whichever you want to use. Example: Try to open an audio file in old groups, now asks
sultryprincess 3 days
(new) Most of the time... (0)
Private Group!
danielrasfarow 4 days
(new) Beware Of Eating Sea Fish (0)
Hi all my members,the message is,some countries have not enough space to burry those who died because of corona virus,so what they do is to throw them
berlym65 5 days
786kunal 6 days
effy 6 days
(new) Mature guys 4 a mature chat [14]
Lukin 4 mature chat stringz
warded 7 days
warded 8 days
warded 9 days
eshi 9 days
pieterpj 10 days
(new) Solar Energy Blog (2)
Please leave your messages here?
warded 11 days
(new) Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night [65]
This is the kickstarter 'metroidvania' game that is brought to us by the father of symphony of the night. (Koji Igarashi) ( [link]
jebet028 12 days
itzlight 12 days
(new) New here (0)
Thumbs-up.gif any welcome clap3.gif
n1ck 13 days
(new) anybody here? [10]
Hey all. I've been away from Prodigits for quite a long time. Now that I've come back to say hi to everyone, I see that there's very little activity i
mr.gudguy 13 days
(new) kenyan (0)
officially a mwananchi of kenya, proud to be kenyan
mr.gudguy 13 days
(new) friends (0)
habari zenyu wakenya
mr.gudguy 14 days
(new) friends friends friends (0)
hey my people, am here to make friends... you can contact me on whatsapp +254722475959
arnabdutta 14 days
(new) Girlfriend (0)
I need a girlfriend. Plz all girl join my group.
itzlight 14 days
(new) Hi guys (0)
Please join my group love2.gif you all (cheers up) thumbs-up.gif
itzlight 14 days
(new) Jokes (0)
Private Group!
itzlight 14 days
(new) (Thumbs-up) (0)
Private Group!

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