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(new) mY KiSsEs (7)
Private Group!
sweeteyes 23 hours
warded 1 day 2 hours
(new) Bravely Default II (NSW) [17]
Square-Enix EU TBA 2020 read.gif wait , what. I thought they already had 2 with bravely second... They also made Octopath Traveler.
warded 1 day 5 hours
(new) Legend of Mana Remastered (0)
Known best for having a Swedish Ending Song.
titch.x 5 days
gyropyro 5 days
(new) Horses (6)
Hi, im a guy that has a thing for horses. I have had a horses in my mouth more than once. Im looking for sum1 with similar tastes,so as to further my
3mel 6 days
(new) ''hotpon'' (2)
this person isn't Irish and very probably isn't even female. the account is posting from Nigeria, expect requests for cash
warded 6 days
nirdos 6 days
(new) Schools of Poetry &shayar (5)
If you have good poet AND SHayar , then taught my friends, deli night from 7 pm to 10 pm; (WELCOME TO SHAYRI SCHOOL)
ricky112 6 days
ricky112 6 days
(new) Do you know? (0)
that 896-your age +1124 is = to the year you were given birth to! geniutic challenge cool2.gif
warded 7 days
ricky112 7 days
(new) Short girls (4)
Dating a short girl is cool not until you enter a bus and then someone says bro save some space by carrying your daughter.............. .J.E.S.U.S
asnglam 7 days
(new) Sugar babe (0)
Looking for sugar daddies pm me
ricky112 8 days
(new) Chemistry students help me oooo (0)
Chemistry students I cooked rubbish! Please teach me how to separate salt from water hysteric.gif
ricky112 8 days
(new) Girls hm!! Hmph (0)
If a guy bang's a girl small she complains and say 'he is a 2minutes indomie'! then if a guy bang's a girl big she screams and say 'ahh he is a mon
ricky112 8 days
(new) Pray for me oooo (0)
I nearly used my leg to push a truck into a drainage pattern
ricky112 8 days
(new) Hmm (0)
If you are wearing a suit American: wow! You look smart Nigerian: pastor pastor where you dey go to? Chaii Nigeria tire me oooo
ricky112 8 days
(new) Don't!! (0)
Don't scroll down . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ohh? You are i
ricky112 8 days
(new) Inbox (0)
In every girls inbox there is always a guy talking to himself sad2.gif
skyreal 8 days
(new) Welcomed (0)
Private Group!
blkthunder 8 days
bbw34 9 days
(new) Heyyyyy (7)
London 39 f here wave.gif
warded 10 days
(new) ! UPDATE ! (5)
There is lots of news and games missing here. I've been a bit lazy and only followed nintendo switch news. I'm going to get my s**t together and post
warded 11 days

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