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mike7610 20 days
(new) Call recorder (7)
For a dew weeks my call recorder (cubeACR) doesn't record the caller voice. I think Google restric this app. Is there a way to fix it? Thanks in adv.
3mel 28 days
(new) IP67 68 ratings [57]
has anyone actually put their phone to the test of water resistance intentionally or accidentally ? tell us about it... I'm bored and this foru
glemx April 2022
(new) PHONE SLOT (3)
hi friends good day, we have a laptops and phones for sale model: tecno pop 2 plus iphone tecno pova samsung others
john_163 April 2022
(new) SD card Write Protect (5)
ok july i had my sandisk 128 gb sd card act wierd..couldn't format, delete or rename anything other than copying files from the sd card to another sto
polo_011 March 2022
(new) Retro Device Reviews (Symbian, Android, WM etc..) (1)
I have been finding myself watching a lot of retro tech reviews of older devices lol.gif seems there has been a rise in appreciation for what Symbian, W
3mel March 2022
(new) YouTube Vanced is shutting down operation. (6)
there's been some developments around YouTube Vanced that have led the guys behind it to conclude their best move is to shut up shop. in a few
glemx February 2022
we have a laptops and phones for diffrence collor tecno pop2 plus iphone tecno pova samsung others get it on
amdyabou February 2022
(new) Hi How to upload a file using WebView ? (6)
hello all people, My name's Amdy m, I'm Android developper , now I want to know, How to upload a file (Image or Others files) using WebView ?
flash February 2022
Smart TV applications. Anyone have the fix to you tube not working on smart TV again
3mel February 2022
(new) Android Off Topic Chat [83]
anything goes. well anything within pro rules...
polo_011 January 2022
(new) S21 FE Unboxing and Review (6)
Lol, a fellow South African managed to get their hands on a S21 FE retail unit well before Global announcement and has uploaded an unboxing and short
amdyabou January 2022
(new) How to upload a image in webview ? (0)
hello all, please help me with to know the code source to upload a file in webview. Thanks
banbury January 2022
(new) Harmony on Huawei (6)
Only officially available in China at present. unsurprisingly there is a workaround to install it in Europe anybody tried that yet?
tee4mac January 2022
(new) xiaomi (1)
Is there a way to unlock my bootloader without losing my data?
cobez January 2022
(new) Huawei p9 lite (6)
Hi is there any signs that will point to your motherboard flex cable being faulty

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