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leon29 September 2021
(new) Been a long time (9)
Since I been on here, it's so dead, I miss the old days!! Anyway I'm rocking an android phone again till I get my upgrade in October, then back to iPh
3mel August 2021
(new) Android Off Topic Chat [75]
anything goes. well anything within pro rules...
flash August 2021
(new) S Voice [24]
S voice Which version of s voice is best. help
spunkydj July 2021
(new) Harmony os (4)
Has anyone ever tried using it
flash June 2021
(new) which ANDROID V is the Best (2)
Which android version is the best? Meaning no restriction or limitation and user friendly etc
3mel June 2021
(new) IP67 68 ratings [51]
has anyone actually put their phone to the test of water resistance intentionally or accidentally ? tell us about it... I'm bored and this foru
olamilekan102 June 2021
(new) Android 12 (4)
Google has released android 12 beta which little changes over it precedors. Set to release android during september according to leaks. Well if your p
students June 2021
(new) Which is better2 [12]
Java phones and android phones which is better
polo_011 May 2021
(new) Xiaomi working on a Memory extension feature (6)
This is an interesting one that Xiaomi are working on, I am guessing with memory chips getting faster this may become more a thing, article: [link]
polo_011 April 2021
(new) Huawei Mate 40 Pro [47]
Got it on Thursday for review and it has really been impressive, comes with a 6.76inch 90Hz refresh rate OLED Screen, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage with expa
banbury April 2021
(new) Galaxy Note Ultra [73]
Two questions if I may: 1): does the phone use a faster type of UFC storage over the S20 Ultra cos heard rumours it does. 2): does the European versio
jhayjhay April 2021
(new) Spark 7 (1)
Spark 7 has been released in india which i think is a downgrade to the spark 6 both charging features,camera,processor Read the full spec here http
3mel March 2021
3mel March 2021
(new) Emulators 2021 [48]
this topic is for everyone with any hints or recommendations for emulators and roms. the only reason I'm making this thread is that since I last lo
tee4mac March 2021
(new) Sd Card Problem (9)
havin a problem with my sd card. just out of the blue it seems like its now read_only cant delete. cant even move files in it .when deleting a file it

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