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f4bri0t 11 days
(new) No charger bs (2)
It's the trend these couple of years. Put everything on the environement and polar bears not having a home to justify all sort of consumer level screw
leon29 25 days
(new) I've joined the darkside (4)
I've got a galaxy s24. I normally have Google phones but I'm enjoying this Samsung phone. Is there anyway to delete the bloat wear apps?? I don't need
sharkies April 2024
(new) What phone are you using [72]
Hi what phone are you using for prodigits and calls
banbury March 2024
(new) Exynos 2400 (4)
10 core chip expected in next years Galaxy S24 in some regions. I've been trying to find a transistor count for this chip any ideas? It always seems e
spunkydj March 2024
(new) Soul browser (7)
Id advise people to get it its the best browser for android out there atm
faun January 2024
(new) Which Android? (1)
What's up and coming? What's good at the moment? . I'm gonna stick with Android but what are the current top phones to consider?
spunkydj January 2024
(new) Android 14 (6)
What you think of the new features on it
flash July 2023
(new) Android AI (8)
Where would I get a free 100 working Al for Android? As I have a free one for PC
3mel July 2023
(new) Android Off Topic Chat [86]
anything goes. well anything within pro rules...
amdyabou May 2023
(new) Programmation HTML PHP CSS (10)
Bonjour comment reduire et agrandi les tailes des images si l'utilisateur change de device Ordinateur ou Mobile
savage01 April 2023
(new) Apps. (3)
Hi guys, please tell me your favorite apps can be anything any genre the more the merrier. :-)
leon29 April 2023
(new) Games on Android (9)
What's people's favourite games? I find most of them underwhelming, or you need to pay to progress or wait hours. I'm just looking for a good game fro
cobez March 2023
(new) Galaxy Ao3s (4)
Can anyone please tell me how to clear the phones cache
leon29 March 2023
(new) Foldable phones? (4)
What's your opinion on them? If Google actually makes one I would buy it. Is it a novelty.
spunkydj February 2023
(new) Huawei P50 (5)
what do people reckon off it and do you think google services will come back or is it a united states trying to stay ontop of tech development as its

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