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3mel July 2023
(new) Android Off Topic Chat [86]
anything goes. well anything within pro rules...
3mel October 2022
(new) has Android 12 reduced your battery life ? [26]
just curious to hear your experience. when I got this phone the battery life was amazing, a day and a half between charges was normal even wit
3mel May 2022
(new) IP67 68 ratings [57]
has anyone actually put their phone to the test of water resistance intentionally or accidentally ? tell us about it... I'm bored and this foru
3mel March 2022
(new) YouTube Vanced is shutting down operation. (6)
there's been some developments around YouTube Vanced that have led the guys behind it to conclude their best move is to shut up shop. in a few
3mel March 2021

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3mel June 2024
quite like the Asus Zenfones myself for something different
3mel June 2024
@ john_163 - 17.06.24 - 09:43am or maybe change the frimware to a multi csc ,usually some region have less
3mel June 2024
ADB is the only way to remove bloat without root just look up a OneUI 6 debloat list for any recent Samsung high end phone, the package names d
3mel March 2024
a new product fabbed by Samsung... the first generation will be awful in one way or another.
3mel March 2024
no it's just APKs you have copies of already. just older ones apparently

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3mel February 2018
adeeb222 January 2018
polo_011 October 2017
(new) Samsung DeX (2)
Got mine with TouchPro Bluetooth keyboard. I am truly impressed, Microsoft Excel,Word and PowerPoint are fully optimised for it and it looks great on

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