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3mel 1 day 6 hours
(new) Android Off Topic Chat [57]
anything goes. well anything within pro rules...
3mel 12 days
(new) IP67 68 ratings [51]
has anyone actually put their phone to the test of water resistance intentionally or accidentally ? tell us about it... I'm bored and this foru
3mel March 2021
3mel March 2021
(new) Emulators 2021 [48]
this topic is for everyone with any hints or recommendations for emulators and roms. the only reason I'm making this thread is that since I last lo
3mel March 2021
(new) Any AndroidTV box users out there ? (7)
just bought myself a Yagala T95 box (which does go by other names from different suppliers). for a quad core A53 SoC, it's not too bad. it comes pre-rooted out of the box but it doesn't have the nicest

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3mel 1 day 6 hours
the Oppo expanding scroll prototype hands on
3mel 1 day 6 hours
3mel 9 days
probably android 9 aka PIE has the best mix of modern features like treble but without super partitions and scoped storage and other PITA security fea
3mel 1 day 6 hours
Samsung have put out a few Google Play Edition roms on variants of their regular lineup. having a stock android that's fully meshed and interfaced
3mel 1 day 6 hours
yeah OneUI isn't gonna look anything like this.

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3mel February 2018
adeeb222 January 2018
polo_011 October 2017
(new) Samsung DeX (2)
Got mine with TouchPro Bluetooth keyboard. I am truly impressed, Microsoft Excel,Word and PowerPoint are fully optimised for it and it looks great on

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