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banbury April 2021
(new) Galaxy Note Ultra [73]
Two questions if I may: 1): does the phone use a faster type of UFC storage over the S20 Ultra cos heard rumours it does. 2): does the European versio
banbury March 2021
(new) Am I dumb or something? [13]
Galaxy S21 Ultra. How an earth are you expected to connect the device to your computers USB port like Samsung says you can when the supplied charging
banbury February 2021
(new) S21 Ultra 5G [33]
Anyone know anything about the modem thats intergrated into the Exynos 2100?
banbury October 2020
(new) New Exynos beats the dragon? (2)
banbury November 2019
(new) Galaxy S10 5G on EE in UK (7)
Anyone comment on 5G speeds obtained on this phone? on any network? this article claims the phone tops out at 550mbps on EE yet the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G a

* Replies:
banbury April 2021
Ive got Petal maps now with the latest update but I havnt tried it out yet
banbury April 2021
Battery life was good on the 3510 my mates would last for ages
banbury April 2021
I remember buying the Nokia 3510. I returned it after two days when I realised it looked so dam ugly regardless of what cover you put on it!
banbury April 2021
Good old Sonyericsson lol although someone on here used to call them Sonybrickson
banbury April 2021
Correct and I dont like the screen ratio to be honest even taller and narrower than other Androids 21.9 or whatever it is something silly like that

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banbury September 2018
(new) Snapdragon 425 vs mediatek 8735a [14]
Yes I know both are low end socs but does anybody have any idea which one performs the best? Or are they both simular? cos iam struggling with this on

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