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leon29 June 2024
(new) I've joined the darkside (6)
I've got a galaxy s24. I normally have Google phones but I'm enjoying this Samsung phone. Is there anyway to delete the bloat wear apps?? I don't need
leon29 April 2023
(new) Games on Android (9)
What's people's favourite games? I find most of them underwhelming, or you need to pay to progress or wait hours. I'm just looking for a good game fro
leon29 March 2023
(new) Foldable phones? (4)
What's your opinion on them? If Google actually makes one I would buy it. Is it a novelty.
leon29 August 2022
(new) Android 13 (1)
So I got a pixel 6 and apparently Google done something to the android 13 update so you can't roll back to android 12, so have they locked down the bo
leon29 August 2022
(new) Pixel 6 [22]
That's right I'm rocking a Google pixel 6, I've come back lol, the Mrs got the iPhone 13 but I didn't like the size of it, it reminded me of the iPhon

* Replies:
leon29 June 2024
Google photos is different on Samsung than the pixel. I can't find any of my albums like screen shots. Any ideas?
leon29 April 2023
@ crail - 29.03.23 - 05:51am There's 4. Just going through the playstore now. There are so many amazing ga
leon29 March 2023
I heard the Samsung folds can only be folded and unfolded so many time
leon29 March 2022
@ 3mel - 27.11.21 - 12:53am is it even on-sale in China ? I know google would love it to be.T
leon29 March 2022
On a serious not, when I speak to Google assist, it comes up in Chinese or Japanese before it turns to English then answers my questions lol, have a b

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spunkydj June 2017
(new) why the hell (4)
Does samsung phones come with 2 browsers
kjbn April 2016
(new) Google play problem (9)
Just had to reinstall a dozen apps because they kept failing...just wondered if anybody else has experienced this in the last few days?
srk_97 June 2015
(new) Dictionary addon (5)
is there anything in android that integrates into browser, pdf readers etc and shows the meaning of a word upon double tapping..i, on my win lappy hav
leon29 March 2015
(new) live wallpapers (9)
Just downloaded this one, what ones have you got
leon29 August 2013
(new) lg g2 (9)
Unveil on the 7th, specs look impressive

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