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spunkydj March 2024
(new) Soul browser (7)
Id advise people to get it its the best browser for android out there atm
spunkydj March 2024
(new) Android 14 (6)
What you think of the new features on it
spunkydj February 2023
(new) Huawei P50 (5)
what do people reckon off it and do you think google services will come back or is it a united states trying to stay ontop of tech development as its
spunkydj July 2021
(new) Harmony os (4)
Has anyone ever tried using it
spunkydj August 2019
(new) Chrome vs opera (10)
Which do you prefer out of the 2 of them me myself I prefer opera

* Replies:
spunkydj August 2024
Yeah they are been block they are on mine
spunkydj July 2023
Bing is a good one to use
spunkydj July 2023
Ai is cr*p soon to take over jobs and make humans irrelevant
spunkydj February 2023
Got rid of it went back to samsung a week ago
spunkydj February 2023
I did yesterday for my galaxy note 20

* Favourites:
sianxw August 2019
(new) Android 9 (7)
Does any1 gave problems with apps closing on the new update?

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