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tee4mac March 2021
(new) Sd Card Problem (9)
havin a problem with my sd card. just out of the blue it seems like its now read_only cant delete. cant even move files in it .when deleting a file it
tee4mac February 2020
(new) battery (5)
are there any high-end devices in 2019 with user replaceable batteries im having a problem buying non-user replaceable battery devices. still using my
tee4mac November 2017
(new) heat (7)
good do i solve this problem .android phone heating up near the scared its gonna phone is two days old
tee4mac July 2016
(new) prisma (3)
any1 tried the prisma app?
tee4mac June 2016
(new) google search (2)
so Google paid the iPhone company 1 billion because their search engine is default on ios i mean shouldn't that iPhone company pay Google not the ada

* Replies:
tee4mac March 2021
yeah tried formatting even Windows couldn't finish the format.
tee4mac February 2019
p9 lite
tee4mac November 2017
am using galaxy j3 on marshmallow
tee4mac November 2017
thanx mate.really thot maybe its a hardware problem .i also tried to force stop background apps thinking maybe their the cause but it ain't helping mu
tee4mac August 2016
(prevent running) also an xposed module works like a charm never disappointed me

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tee4mac September 2015
(new) battery heating!!!!!! [23]
am quite suprised realy ,so a friend of mine borrowed me his galaxy note3 quite a huge device powerfull also bt then i played a game called ''beach bu

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