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fyzo 22 days
(new) Need help in buying a motorcycle (7)
Currently I'm riding a 125cc clutchless Chinese motorcycle but very soon I'll be moving to another city which doesn't allow 125cc on its major road.[b
goolegal January 2021
(new) Peugeot (5)
Anybody know how to reset peugeot 207 tyre message on the radio screen. Thanks
vooltex January 2021
newt182 October 2020
(new) What Grinds Your Gears? (6)
What has happened to cars these days. I remember the good old days when there were minimal electronics and every car had a carburettor. The be
sassy27 September 2020
(new) Why women make better drivers [13]
And no to sexist! It's just an observation ppl :)
andy666 September 2020
(new) Show Us Your Classic/Retro Cars (4)
Who owns a classic/retro car? Lets see what you have got. I have a MK2 VW Polo, 1.3i from 1991. It's a great little car. I've owned 4 beetles a
wald0 November 2019
(new) What car [40]
Do you daily and weekend? For me it's the gf''s tsi Leon mk2 an a mk2 mx5 1.6 yes hairdressers car but deadly cool wee cars lol
cheqgirl April 2019
(new) Your favourite vechile ? [33]
Let's see which car is a pro users favourite
elipsis April 2019
(new) car polish/wax [33]
can any1 tel me wats the best car polish/wax i can get for my car as i just resprayed her and wana keep her usualy jus use rally or da
kinkzz February 2019
(new) New Corsa vs Fiesta [44]
Wich Would you choose? The New ford fiesta or the New opel Corsa?
schizzo February 2019
(new) * I LOVE MY Mini! * [25]
Following the latest trend. . .I would just like to say that I love my mini nod
iluvmima February 2019
(new) BMW meanings: [43]
What do u think BMW stands for? I say its stands for Bring Mechanic With.
srk_97 July 2018
(new) 0-60 kmph [45]
what is the best time you took to reach 60kmph from 0 on your vehicle? mine is 6.5 secs on Honda CBF 125 (Stunner)
gta5 July 2018
(new) top 3 best cars ever! [28]
which car do you think deserve YOUR top 3?
spngbob April 2018
(new) Rumbling noise at low revs only??? (6)
I recently had to replace the cam and crank sensors on my 05 Almera N16, and at the same time asked the mechy to do a service? Now about a month after

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