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What has happened to cars these days. I remember the good old days when there were minimal electronics and every car had a carburettor.

The below is based on my Astra J 1.4 turbo

I understand why they have evolved like they have. But some things are really annoying.

Plastic rocker covers? ffs man, yeah they cut costs but who wants plastic. They will never look as nice as a alloy cover

Coil packs. Why are they just one big unit. Why not separate them so they can be bought individually and cheaper?

Torx bolts, both male and female, everywhere! Why? Seriously, people will buy the sockets and then everyone will have the tools, just like everyone has regular sockets. Just stop it

Non serviceable, expensive parts! Why the hell is there a tiny piece of rubber in my inlet manifold that is a check valve for the PCV system. The throttle body is attached to the inlet manifold and it all comes as one part. 600 pounds! ffs. I have had this modified so there is now a much better valve that is located externally and will easily last the life of the car - VX should have done this

No space sad.gif You often can't get to something without have to take a load of parts in the way out first

What do you find annoying about new cars?
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