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alvar89 April 2023
(new) WRC 2022 (8)
Any WRC fans here? If so what is your thoughts on the new hybrid rally1 cars? Who are you rooting for?

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alvar89 April 2023
R.I.P Craig Breen. Was a great Irish driver.
alvar89 April 2023
New exciting season! Will be interesting if the teams manage to be close in performance and reliability. Rooting for Ott my countryman and m-sport bec
alvar89 April 2023
According to the shakedown times in Monte it seems that all 3 teams are very competitive. That is great to see. Ppl were afraid that hyundai will fall
alvar89 April 2023
I root for a few drivers because it is easier on the nerves when one falls out lol.gif For manufacturer i root for M-Sport because they have been underd

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