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mikeymk 19 days
(new) BMW Mini racing fuel cap conversion (5)
There's a lot to it, but if you have a modern(ish) mini with flush fuel door, and you want the racing style filler, it's not a 5-min swap. Her

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mikeymk 19 days
18. Enjoy the extra 150 bhp of pure awesomeness this brings. Wonder what other mundane features the first owner was happy to accept, and pity them for
mikeymk 19 days
The rest of it, as i could only post half in the intro... 14. This is the hard bit...push the filler pipe back onto the stud on the sid
mikeymk 19 days
mikeymk September 2023
@ mikeymk - 22.01.14 - 06:54am As light as a Fiat Ciquecento with a screaming 150bhp 1.6 16v Leon based lu
mikeymk June 2021
Whatever car you drive, if it's modern then you should get a diagnostic reader for it. Your car has a plug hidden in the dashboard for it. It doesn't

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