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obi_jon June 2022
(new) McMurtry Automotive (2)
Debuted their new 'Speirling' electric fan car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed over the weekend, where it proceeded to smash the all-time record up
obi_jon June 2014
(new) RIP Sir Jack Brabham. (4)
The Australian former F1 champion and motorsport legend has passed away.australia.gifdriving.gifwinner.gif
obi_jon June 2013
(new) Isle of Man TT 2013 (1)
There was a high speed crash on the first lap of the Seniors TT race yesterday. The rider, Jonathon Howarth, came off on Bray Hill but escaped without
obi_jon January 2013
(new) RIP Sid Watkins (2)
sadA true F1 legend. Arguably the most universaly respected figure involved in the sport. RIP to
obi_jon May 2012
(new) F1 2012 [12]
McLaren locking out the front row for the 1st race in Melbourne. Grosjean third in the Lotushooray<

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obi_jon June 2022
It looks like a miniaturised batmobile and it goes like a bat out of hell.bat2.gif
obi_jon November 2015
@ crail - 25.07.15 - 11:52pm Were you keeping up?My guess would be no. A caterham will match
obi_jon November 2015
A blat = a drive(probably at high speed). Eg. I'm taking the caterham out for a blat in the countryside, i'll be back by teatimedriving.gif.
obi_jon November 2015
Niiiiice!good.gif There was a big server crash a few weeks ago bob, the site went down for a whole day and lot's of pics(from the last year) were lost a
obi_jon June 2015
You could stick a Honda fireblade motorcycle engine in it.

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