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srk_97 January 2023
(new) 0-60 kmph [49]
what is the best time you took to reach 60kmph from 0 on your vehicle? mine is 6.5 secs on Honda CBF 125 (Stunner)
srk_97 January 2016
(new) Name of your machine? [18]
While many of us own vehicles to run our daily errands, some among us are too obsessed with their machines (motor freaks lol). We even go on giving th

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srk_97 January 2023
its has been such a long time
srk_97 June 2016
KTM RC 200 is good but uncomfortable... Pulsar RS 200 is the ideal one...or the latest iteration of Suzuki gixxer sf
srk_97 January 2016
one of my friends has named his machine as Scarlett Speedster
srk_97 January 2016
srk_97 January 2016
black pearl...lovely name!

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