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nosfratu February 2018
(new) PlayBook users!?! (3)
Are there any1 here that still use or has a BB PlayBook... I recently had to fork out R850-00 to replace my battery, make it 2, as the PlayBook uses 1
nosfratu October 2015
(new) apk to bar files (2)
Has any1 here have any sites or have any android converted apk files of apps that's converted to bar files to be sideloaded onto a BB PlayBook. I have
nosfratu February 2015
(new) Bold 9900 browser issue (0)
Hi guys I'm just curious to see if any1 else have this issue. My BB Bold 9900 has a problem every now and then that when I'm on the default browser it

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nosfratu April 2016
Do u format it via a pc or do u format it from within the phone self in options? Make 100 sure u have no viruses on ur pc could be after the format
nosfratu February 2021
Actually I just downloaded the latest update for os7 but yes there will be no future support..... But unlike android when there's an update available
nosfratu February 2016
I have since my last post here moved over to my telkom mobile sim as vodacom was too crappy, now use my vodacrap on my android
nosfratu February 2016
Have it tested by a tecknician doesn't sound like battery problem. I have almost similar problem on my 9900 Bold just mine doesn't flicker it just reb
nosfratu February 2016
@ laro696 - 27.10.15 - 01:13pm it's time to move on guys Lol to what lol.. Ai no Laro man

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