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skippie7 February 2016
(new) Opera 8 Bold (3)
Why doesn't opera mini 8 work on bold 9700? Is there any cracked or a different version that works(even cracked if there are for bb)
skippie7 June 2015
(new) Mediafire (3)
Just a question, how do u guys download from mf from your bb's
skippie7 January 2014
(new) Bb keeps restarting (3)
My friend has a 9320 and after downloadong he says the phone keeps loading till half then it shuts down and restarts again and again..I tried my batt
skippie7 January 2013
(new) Slow fb/whatsapp (5)
Hi, I have a 9300. Lately when I log onto fb(app), always the time that someone posted is 9-10 hours ago, and the pm's I get only gets to me after an
skippie7 October 2012
(new) Restarting dwnloads (6)
I have a 9300, I tried downloading a 150mb and 198mb file with uc web, but when it gets to about 60 to 80 percent, the download restarts. I also tried

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skippie7 February 2016
Any one got anything on this yet? It worked fine then I wiped my phone and opera 8 couldn't work anymore, the other apps works fine
skippie7 October 2015
Google Your-freedom
skippie7 September 2015
d*mn dude that's way to long, there is a way around this just to give u hope....I struggled my a of just to download a song in the past
skippie7 June 2015
I'm having an issue where the capcha is not displaying
skippie7 May 2015
(new) better quality for tv shows, normal mp4 (320x240) hd (640x480) formats

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