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spngbob February 2016
(new) WTF??? Vodacom??? (3)
Anybody else struggling like CRAZY for the past few days with Vodacr*p signal??? I can hardly get my FB open??? Even 3G speeds are as slow as a snai
spngbob February 2016
(new) nux downloader? (3)
Anybody else using nux downloader HE or nux torrent on here??? If so,plse enlighten me how the hell it works???? I'm no noob,bt really??? I've been
spngbob February 2016
(new) 9790 rebooting??? (2)
Recently when I access web pages or open whatsapp or something similar,my keypad light flickers,like a globe that has a electrical short circuit,and t
spngbob August 2015
(new) something eating my data!!!??? :-o (7)
I bought 1 gig data the other day and happily browsed the internet for abt 2 hours and only used +- 60 megs :) suddenly today,every time I connect via
spngbob July 2015
(new) connect bb via wifi to laptop? (1)
How do set up a wifi connection between my bb and laptop on Windows 8,so that I can thether via the wifi link?

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spngbob July 2016
Thanx Yugan,bt if that is the case,don't think I'll use it? Was specifically lukin to use it for downloads as 300kbs would be heaven where I live???
spngbob July 2016
Thanx Nos,replaced with original BB batt and all problems at an end.......!!! :-D
spngbob July 2016
Neither bbtor or nux torrent work via BIS..... :-(
spngbob October 2015
I do still have an old Nokia E72 If you have something for That??? Grin.gif
spngbob October 2015
Ungrateful? No! Perplexed? Yes!......seeing that u know I've been bugging u almost 2 years for the BIS workaround and u know I know u're the king of a

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samir187 August 2014
(new) How to re activate 8ta bis to get 5gigs again? [43]
Hey my people.. Soo I want to add another 30bux to get data again do I just cancel my bis then reactivate it? Or do I call customer care?

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