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spunkydj 2024
(new) Do you think (1)
Blackberry should start to make phones again
spunkydj July 2023
(new) unihertz (0)
only phone maker that is close to blackberry today
spunkydj March 2022
(new) Blackberry 5G (2)
Read it somewhere they launching 5G phone for enterprise users
spunkydj March 2022
(new) Blackberry 5G (1)
Soon to be released by onward mobility so i heard
spunkydj June 2020
(new) key 2 (2)
Its at amazing phone advise people to get one

* Replies:
spunkydj February 2023
I remember onwards mobility was going to release one but then company closed down
spunkydj March 2022
Not anymore they shut down
spunkydj March 2022
No more blackberry onward mobility shut down
spunkydj February 2018
my son has one but browsing is a pain on it so its just sitting there not used in months
spunkydj February 2018
you'll soon get rid of it as bb10 getting closed down in 2 years

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