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godsgoodguy 4 hours 29 minutes
(new) online dating worth it or waste of time ? ? ? ? ? (8)
whats good about dating somebody online that you never seen in person and might never will ? ? ? ? ?
godsgoodguy 4 hours 59 minutes
(new) being single is a good thing (0)
when looking at some or lots relationships you might realize that being single is a good thing . . . . . opinions ? ? ? ? ?
orizo 15 hours
(new) love advice or question (2)
have u ever fallen head over heel 4 somebody and the promise 2 give they world
mrjuicyx 1 day 6 hours
(new) work [17]
Wat do you do workwise??? Ill start I work for a transport Company !
diisco.x 5 days
(new) Single sign here pinned [2589]
Excited brand new one .. On ya go .. Single and looking or just single.. ? Do NOT post phone
saturnx 5 days
(new) Open Relationship/Marriage (8)
I dont understand how people have enough time to manage such kind of relationship
sundaykindagirl 7 days
(new) Is romance dead [52]
Do you think that romance is dying off?
mrjuicyx 8 days
(new) Their was a time ..... (9)
Their was a time when people actually spoke to others on here !
miss.ism 9 days
(new) Mighy me's piles [11]
Can any one help.him with a cure
sxibabe 9 days
(new) Somebody entertain a bored lonely spinster (lol) (7)
Hellooooo is there any1 out there????
miss.ism 10 days
(new) Congrats afridi [13]
On finding love in pro with sammy
goutami21 12 days
(new) Hi (3)
Can u hear me ? Here
hachey.b 19 days
(new) Any (2)
Lesbians and females interested in being friends? And gay men too! Or could any of you people recommend me to some girls and women? Please inbox me! (
hachey.b 21 days
(new) Lesbian, gay, bi and transgender people? (10)
wave.gif Hello I am womdering if anyone has experienced hate crime or bullying? I could do with some friends, come chat here!
tasti2 May 2022

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