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hachey.b February 2024
(new) I am.a good boyo! (2)
I am lonely and need old/new friends! My night time meds arent working so some buds to talk to until I fall asleep would be nice! I am lonely and look
hachey.b February 2024
(new) Grr why do (0)
Men and some people want me to be a woman? That really hurts and p!sses me off!! I dont want a flucking bf! Tut! Just fluck off! Nod.gif
hachey.b April 2023
(new) Lesbian, gay, bi and transgender people? [17]
wave.gif Hello I am womdering if anyone has experienced hate crime or bullying? I could do with some friends, come chat here!
hachey.b June 2022
(new) Any (2)
Lesbians and females interested in being friends? And gay men too! Or could any of you people recommend me to some girls and women? Please inbox me! (

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hachey.b February 2024
Can someone edit the title, I forgot to put I am!
hachey.b March 2024
Im single, I am looking for a gf!
hachey.b April 2023
How long have you been married clivey? Where are you from?
hachey.b April 2023
I am suffering hate crime! And being harassed!
hachey.b August 2022
I need to find a girlfriend

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