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karen1xx March 2024
(new) do men really know wot women want [516]
it seems they dont,so this is for the guys repys to tell us wot they think women want lol obviously the women don have to agree
karen1xx March 2015
(new) ok let's get down to buisiness [23]
Famous faces,which famous person would have all the attributes yr looking for in a partner
karen1xx February 2012
(new) Wot is love [30]
s*x makes u say stuff cus yr ing lol how many pwople av done same fing then thought omg after

* Replies:
karen1xx June 2024
Sexy single here dance.gif
karen1xx April 2024
Haven't been on here for five years.wheres everyone gone so quiet now
karen1xx April 2024
Seven years I think for me ..came back today
karen1xx November 2022
karen1xx March 2024
Omg I posted this in 2011,,,lol

* Favourites:
robthebody83 October 2022
(new) Single uk guy looking for a lovely women in the Uk [23]
Single Uk guy looking for women in the Uk to talk to and maybe date I will again say from the Uk only!
bumcute November 2022
(new) over 50s (10)
looking for new friends. . girlfriend died late last year. so could do with freiends

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