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john112 8 days
(new) Tell up your Favourite musician (6)
If you are to perform a Duet with A Famous musician, who would that be? and why ?
cashdola 8 days
(new) what are you watching... [358]
tell us what you are watchin and us what intrests u
3mel 24 days
(new) Westworld [136]
thought I'd get in first with the topic as this show superb and HBO is looking towards it as GoT Sunday night successor, so it must be planned for a d
3mel May 2022
(new) recommend me a good TV series pinned [1080]
I need something to watch that's quality other than the few shows I'm watching now or waiting on for their return. so what's really good ppl? my rough
warded April 2022
(new) Anime [21]
General anime topic hello4
3mel March 2022
(new) New Star Wars trailer drops on Friday [136]
the trailer for Star Wars episode VII: The Force Awakens is going to be released on iTunes this Friday the 28th. presumably somebody out there will have it up on youtube not long after (as I don't do iTunes).
sukkoi March 2022
(new) Rise of Skywalker (1)
Epic conclusion. What do you think about the movie? Recommend it?
alanball February 2022
(new) The Wire [12]
talkshow.gif Where is this placed on your fave TV series? Number 1 for me, probably followed by The Sopranos and Breaking Bad. Om
guillium February 2022
(new) DAB radio [14]
Finally decided to get one, and the diference in audio quality is astounding. I knew it would be clearer, but I'm still surprised at how clear it is.
guillium February 2022
(new) Attack on Titan [16]
Just watched the first 2 episodes of Attack on Titan, really enjoying it so far, the concept/look of the Titans themselves are just horribly creepy...
4juice February 2022
(new) Netflix pinned [68]
This is an official Netflix topic. You can post recommended titles in here or suggest a best or worse instant titles. Please add Netflix region as well when recommending titles. You are also encourage to post about newly l
lil.mo1 February 2022
(new) Whats everyone reading? [11]
I'm currently reading the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. Highly recommended it! I'm nearly about to finish the 3rd book. I'm just curious what
princevictor February 2022
(new) Sky tv fun, social media (6)
Send me funny things you get. Photo's or clips that interest me .
cantona January 2022
(new) Justified (5)
Starts on Five-USA on Wednesday. About a US marshall based in Kentucky talkshow Timothy Oly
xxlee July 2021
(new) The Man From UNCLE (tv version) [12]
Has there been any re runs of this classic tv series lately on British TV?

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