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manchesr 1 day 16 hours
(new) What are you playing pinned [6669]
What are you playing and on what platform?
trunking 4 days
(new) Colors Live (Nintendo Switch) (4)
Preorder this now.gif Physical edition comes with ingenious sonar pen. Works on both Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. Plugs into headpho
trunking 6 days
(new) Nintendo Switch physical stash (update) [18]
For your Nintendo Switch physical titles..
trunking 10 days
(new) GTA Original Trilogy [16]
[Remastered] Aka GTA III, Vice City + San Andreas reported to be heading to Nintendo Switch and modern consoles. Mix of old and new graphics. One r
trunking 15 days
(new) PS5 Revision (0)
Sony has recently released a revision of their latest gen. console: currently into the markets of Japan + Australia. Reportedly 300gm lighter with
trunking 23 days
(new) Forza Motorsport 7 [14]
Just over half a month to go and this awesome racing title will be discontinued from Microsoft Store. The Ultimate Edition is currently on sale (7
trunking 24 days
gr8guy78 August 2021
(new) Sonic cheat (8)
Stuck on the first sonic on the sega megadrive? Press Up, Down, Left, Right, A and Start on the title screen for level select.
tazdevil August 2021
(new) Gaymers, assemble!!! (5)
No one replied when I posted this in 'Thoughts' on the 'General' forum, so I came here. I have a game recommendation! DM me, if interested. Let's team
trunking July 2021
(new) Epic Games: Free Games List (update) [17]
As I lol.gif almost missed out on last week's list of free games, I've decided to make a thread on Epic Games: free games for every week... [b
warded July 2021
(new) Gaming on Youtube [18]
fire.gif Do you follow any gaming channels?
trunking July 2021
(new) Nintendo Switch Pro update [24]
repost.gif Nintendo strikes deal with Samsung for 7'' OLED rigid display, with oversupply, falling prices and not enough demand for such displays. ..
trunking June 2021
(new) PS VR (10)
Who here has experience this, or want to? Sony has realised the huge possibility this form of gaming can grow into. If you want to perfect y
3mel June 2021
popcap June 2021
(new) FortNite - Latest (SD Comic-con) (6)
During a panel at San Diego Comic-Con today, Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinksi confirmed that Fortnite will be the first game to utilize Unreal Engine 4. A

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