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nobyboy 20 hours
warded 20 hours
(new) OpenCritic (0)
If you are tired of MetaCritic have a look over there.
warded 20 hours
(new) Pricecharting dot com (0)
Check the value of your games before parting with them. When writing this Little Samson for NES is still going for absolutely absurd prices in both PA
warded 21 hours
(new) Point and Click (4)
Adventure games, the topic. tea
play.con 23 hours
(new) **Official Nintendo 3DS Thread** pinned [184]
With the 3DS released in Japan and coming to the UK in March it's time for an official thread nod
goren 1 day 2 hours
(new) Game Quize [157]
u come up with game questions and see if other people can anser them
popcap 1 day 19 hours
(new) New Zone of the Enders announced (9)
Tonight at an event for Zone of the Enders, game designer Hideo Kojima and his studios Kojima Productions announced that they were working on a new Z.
manchesr 2 days
(new) What are you playing pinned [7612]
What are you playing and on what platform?
gameboy1 11 days
(new) Fighting Games (10)
So, does anybody play fighters on here and did anybody watch EVO two weeks ago? Ultra Street Fighter Four, BlazBlue CP, KoF 14 players? Anything l
xxi 11 days
(new) rts or something (7)
Any games that's similar to desperados and comandos ?
xxi 11 days
(new) MAKE THAT GAME [19]
What games did they forget to make or do u hope to see some day soon !!! I hope to see free lancer 2 . CC generals 2 and GIANTS citizen kabuto 2
warded 11 days
(new) Prince of Persia (7)
The Sands of Time Remake coming out soon read
warded 11 days
(new) Paper Mario TTYD (0)
for Nintendo Switch. boobies Ghost boobs on the covers too.
warded 11 days
(new) Dragon Quest III HD-2D remake (1)
Coming soon/maybe to device near you. redalert HD-2D is the style in which the Octopath Trav
sean316 19 days
(new) Xbox (7)
Is dead dead.gif

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