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manchesr 2 days
(new) What are you playing pinned [7093]
What are you playing and on what platform?
trunking 13 days
(new) Should GTA 6... (5)
....have multiple playable characters? Or is back to a single playable character preferable? Major decision that.
cyberman 25 days
(new) first game u fell in love with... [38]
sonic the hedgehog megadrive bk in 93
trunking 26 days
(new) Star Wars Duo Collection (Nintendo Switch) [14]
THQ Nordic recently released these two Star Wars physical bundles:
lostsock 26 days
(new) Who's on playstation 5? (7)
What's the best game so far? Want to play something? Got most games, write something in the comments if call of duty, gran tourismo or anything else n
j.s.1983 April 2022
(new) Radiant Historia [34]
An RPG by Atlus. Looks fantastic. It has a time travel element similar to Chrono Trigger. Out soon in the USA, got it on order. Cant wait.
freakyking March 2022
(new) Pubg players (8)
Any pubg player there?
trunking February 2022
(new) Riot Games now hiring... (2)
Want a career in the videogames industry? Riot Games may have your answer! Open Positions:
trunking February 2022
(new) Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection (0)
Repost.gif Releases 17 February, 2022 for the Nintendo Switch. The jewel in the Assassin's Creed series. Contains Assassin's Creed II, Assassin's
warded February 2022
(new) Switch passed the Wii (6)
As Nintendo's most sold console ever. party
fachio February 2022
(new) Mario Car game (0)
Have being look for friends to join me in playing my game .
nuffox February 2022
(new) Mario and Toyota racing car (0)
When am relax i play any game Toyota car racing , mountain climber , Mario game i love the game's here .
princevictor January 2022
warded January 2022
trunking January 2022
(new) Bluetooth Audio now available on Nintendo Switch (5)
Yup! Good.gif Latest update has allowed for the option of pairing your device to your Bluetooth audio headset. Even airpods are now usable.

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