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popcap June 2024
(new) New Zone of the Enders announced (9)
Tonight at an event for Zone of the Enders, game designer Hideo Kojima and his studios Kojima Productions announced that they were working on a new Z.
popcap May 2023
(new) Pokemon GO (Official Thread) pinned [85]
Official thread for Pokemon GO ..
popcap November 2022
(new) TWITCH [16]
Just come across this thing called Twitch, and might be interested for some here, basically you broadcast yourself playing games to twitch via the Int
popcap June 2021
(new) FortNite - Latest (SD Comic-con) (6)
During a panel at San Diego Comic-Con today, Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinksi confirmed that Fortnite will be the first game to utilize Unreal Engine 4. A
popcap June 2021
(new) Okami - Remaster coming to PS3? [23]
We're hearing some reports about a PlayStation 3 version of Capcom's PlayStation 2 classic Okami. Titled Okami Zekkie-ban (maybe... Okami Magnificent

* Replies:
popcap May 2023
I choosed my starter Pokmon bulbasaur
popcap October 2016
Is this PS3 or Xbox 360
popcap September 2016
Gay Alan lol.gif
popcap May 2023
Got a Likitung Aerodactyl can't find snorlax or bulbasaur lost a wartoice high cp 14 ultra balls and he still escaped
popcap May 2023
Fk is bulbasaur at

* Favourites:
popcap September 2015
(new) Phantom Pain [102]
Militaires Sans Frontires : Gone Kaz : on crutches Big Boss : Lost Arm , Unicorn head Huey : Alive ? Chico : Alive ?
newt182 July 2014
(new) Really Big Sky Free Steam Key (3)
You will need a T.watter account
guillium February 2016
(new) Valiant Hearts: The Great War [12]
So far, living up to my expectations. Yes, the gameplay is fairly simple, but works well. Started in Veteran mode, which removes interaction highlight
newt182 June 2014
(new) Sniper Elite V2 free today only on Steam (8)
Just click install game and it will be registered to your account. hurry.gif
newt182 June 2014
(new) GMG Summer Sale [23]

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