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warded June 2024
(new) Shin Megami Tensei (1)
tea Topic for Persona, SMT, Devil Summoner and other related games.
warded June 2024
(new) Point and Click (5)
Adventure games, the topic. tea
warded June 2024
(new) OpenCritic (0)
If you are tired of MetaCritic have a look over there.
warded June 2024
(new) Pricecharting dot com (0)
Check the value of your games before parting with them. When writing this Little Samson for NES is still going for absolutely absurd prices in both PA
warded June 2024
(new) Prince of Persia (7)
The Sands of Time Remake coming out soon read

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warded 5 days
Chrono Trigger on Nintendo Dual Screen
warded 8 days
@ adeeb222 - 8.05.13 - 06:18pm According to the stories its .god of war ascension .god of war chain of olu
warded 8 days
@ warded - 8.05.13 - 05:51pm one, two and threeashamed What low quality post.
warded 8 days
@ guillium - 8.05.13 - 08:37pm God of War, God of Bore 2, God of Snore 3, God of Pour: Kratos the Barman</
warded 16 days
beg We are not worthy .

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manchesr 5 days
(new) What are you playing pinned [7624]
What are you playing and on what platform?

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