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xxi June 2024
(new) rts or something (7)
Any games that's similar to desperados and comandos ?
xxi June 2024
(new) MAKE THAT GAME [19]
What games did they forget to make or do u hope to see some day soon !!! I hope to see free lancer 2 . CC generals 2 and GIANTS citizen kabuto 2
xxi June 2015
(new) assasins creed bf help update (1)
i want to download the v1.06 update well over 3 gig .do i need the previous updates or can i update from v1.0
xxi January 2014
(new) tunngle port forward help (3)
Need some help with this plz. Do I change the ipv4 of tungle or modem ? And what ip and sub mask do I give it.
xxi January 2014
(new) no hitman [29]
So exited to get hitman just to realise steam sucks @+ only got a 2gig cap and steam installer can't even update properly now I have to find a way to

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xxi April 2015
If they take out the wing suit I'm gonna cry. That's like a new game trade mark thing going on there Better than bullet time imo
xxi November 2014
this sounds like Giants citizen kabuto still played online today just download the server list it a lot of fun and banwith are like 5mb per hour of on
xxi November 2014
I knew this forum wouldn't last since there was only idiots trying to start fights and they were all console twots. Better a dead forum than a bunch
xxi 5 days
Finally playing all the assasins creeds they really should mention that it gets a lot better after ac2. Gonna start ac3 and then I'm buying the best o
xxi October 2014
Check out risefall

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stagga1 May 2013
(new) Fallout 3 pinned [1546]
iv just got the game today and i think its great what do you think

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