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warded June 2024
(new) Prince of Persia (7)
The Sands of Time Remake coming out soon read
warded June 2024
(new) Paper Mario TTYD (0)
for Nintendo Switch. boobies Ghost boobs on the covers too.
warded June 2024
(new) Dragon Quest III HD-2D remake (1)
Coming soon/maybe to device near you. redalert HD-2D is the style in which the Octopath Trav
sean316 May 2024
(new) Xbox (7)
Is dead dead.gif
netter March 2024
(new) Apex legends (0)
Who plays this game here , although servers in india are bad i still am addicted to it
dani87 March 2024
(new) Final Fantasy Forum pinned [945]
Any of u people out there who want to keep a forum totally dedicated for the absolute fab final fantasy-series? Then join this,and help me! :) if u ha
norega March 2024
(new) Star Wars: Battlefront beta [232]
Anyone else downloading this today .After all the hype the gameplay looks utter dross oing by the alpha testing videos on youtube . I reserve judgment
mavingray March 2024
(new) Best game of last year (4)
What is the best game of last year
norega March 2024
(new) The last game you completed, and rating. [12]
Just finished Elden ring and although a good game its not as good as dark souls and later levels and some puzzles made it a chore and not the sort of
trunking March 2024
(new) Xbox Series X vs PS5? [15]
Which is the better console?
mavinjay March 2024
(new) Choose your favourite game (5)
Garena free fire or call of duty
mavinjay February 2024
(new) GTA 6 (4)
Is gta 6 out in playstation 5
jansenk February 2024
(new) Call of duty (7)
Who plays Call of duty?
kamran3334 February 2024
(new) chess (2)
Have any chess player?)
warded February 2024
(new) TEKKEN 8 (2)
Coming to Playstation 5, Xboxs and PC/Windows. No date confirmed yet.

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