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manchesr 5 days
(new) What are you playing pinned [7624]
What are you playing and on what platform?
play.con June 2024
(new) **Official Nintendo 3DS Thread** pinned [184]
With the 3DS released in Japan and coming to the UK in March it's time for an official thread nod
dani87 March 2024
(new) Final Fantasy Forum pinned [945]
Any of u people out there who want to keep a forum totally dedicated for the absolute fab final fantasy-series? Then join this,and help me! :) if u ha
trunking January 2024
(new) YouTube gaming vids pinned [40]
What are you watching on YouTube (gaming-related)?
popcap May 2023
(new) Pokemon GO (Official Thread) pinned [85]
Official thread for Pokemon GO ..
tokage October 2022
(new) *Dark Souls Official* pinned [4510]
3 weeks until we all die dead
mcwalnut May 2022
(new) official fable topic pinned [168]
talk about any fable game here. provide aid for anyone that needs help with one of these games. *PLEASE KEEP FANBOY COMMENTS OUT*
mikewall June 2017
(new) XBL Gamertags pinned [315]
Enter your tags here for easy reference!
kr1shna February 2017
(new) Official GTA V thread pinned [1949]
wohooooo !! Its official.. Rockstar announced gta v.. Trailer is gna hit the net on 2nd november omg i cant wait.. What r u expecting in the gta v?
alvar89 October 2016
(new) Steam Talk pinned [498]
2 of my favorite old strategy games Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader got official HD pack today! faint.gif usually u had problems getting those manual
mikewall May 2016
(new) PSN Tags pinned [518]
Post your PSN Tags here for quick reference!
si_27_uk February 2015
(new) official battlefield 3 thread pinned [24487]
ok guys as u know i sometimes drop lucky and get some games earlier and bribed my mate at local gamestore and wow ive been playing it most of the day
runestar January 2015
(new) Steam sales pinned [429]
They be throwing stuff out daily. No discussion? omg If nothing else then Star Wars KOTOR nearly
pryerlee May 2014
(new) Official GTAV V guide pinned [322]
The official guide to the best game ever made GTAV... if you have any tips, guides or info we should know about add it to this thread...
yoji March 2014
(new) Elder Scrolls 5- Skyrim pinned [2144]
The high fantasy event of the year, bethesda's new elder scrolls RPG offers hundreds of hours of dungeon crawling, town travelling and dragon slaying

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