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1clivey1 51 minutes
(new) Thoughts18 pinned [1585]
Old one done so here we go
1clivey1 10 hours 10 minutes
1clivey1 30 days
(new) Merry [29]
Santa have a safe n merry xmas all! And hope for a safer 2021! Post ur greetings!
1clivey1 November 2021
(new) scams [81]
Had a female ring me said they were frm i.p.s and my sky broadband was being used by 7 unauthorised ppl In My Area Even Had A Recording Of A Busy Offi
1clivey1 November 2021
(new) ABBA [55]
are back! after 35 years there back recording a new album daydream

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1clivey1 22 minutes
@ wildfern - 13.03.16 - 09:35pm Don't walk under a ladderIf i hadnt walked under a ladder onc
1clivey1 10 hours 10 minutes
Bet he gets away with it
1clivey1 1 hour 51 minutes
1clivey1 1 hour 51 minutes
1clivey1 10 hours 10 minutes
Yea it is hope they get to the bottom of it bet it takes ages tho buying boris time

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kipling April 2016
(new) Beetroot ... [30]
Your thoughts on the superfood ... And what foods do you percieve as being greatly beneficial

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