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cr4zy0n3 5 days
(new) Interesting Facts pinned [1184]
Your body uses 200 muscles to take a single step.

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cr4zy0n3 October 2016
Gotta be honest, I saw the oiled legs at first, dirty mind I suppose
cr4zy0n3 July 2016
@ usbcable - 23.07.16 - 05:32pm The bunny was perfectly happy until yesturday to go in the garden but last
cr4zy0n3 April 2016
fk that guy
cr4zy0n3 January 2016
@ eyesore - 9.01.16 - 01:08am man will never kill the planet, that's just human arrogance ....the planet m
cr4zy0n3 January 2016
fking fascinating sleep

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