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straxus 9 days
(new) NFL [474]
Fan of it?
straxus March 2021
(new) Universal Income. [133]
It won't happen but suppose it does get the green line and it gets rolled out across the country bu 2020, would you welcome it?
straxus January 2021
straxus June 2020
(new) Pet pix [216]
Let us see your pet pictures oh and how do you add pictures? i would like mikey to help out those that dont know.
straxus January 2020
(new) Calling the cops for something [22]
ludicrous.Have you known anyone to phone the police for something stupid?

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straxus November 2018
actual money
straxus November 2018
these tories just want to take the less well of back to the days of work houses prostitution and chimney cleaning
straxus November 2018
Was probably sat watching the robbery on is phone.
straxus November 2018
Jacob rees mogg
straxus November 2018
it was like a green c*ckroach with long antenna it had wings never seen anything like it

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