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waergr 3 days
(new) Nederlandse draad! :) Nog Nederlanders hier? [54]
het valt me op dat ik hier geen of amper Nederlanders voorbij zie komen. een jaar of 5 geleden was ik hier ook, onder een andere naam, toen kwam i
sayanti9 5 days
(new) How are you? in your language [94]
You have to write 'how are you' in your language
hayatabdu 11 days
(new) Hi guys (6)
sofia.sparks 12 days
(new) Ruang Orang Indonesia [27]
Ada orang indonesia disini? awal tahun gabung prodi dulu 2007 atau 2008 disini rame orang Indonesia...
wilman 12 days
(new) 16 tahun berlalu..... [71]
Untung masih inget password ini akun wakakaa...adakah yg mengingat saya?
saher02 21 days
(new) Dont waste ur Precious personlty with the hands of (8)
Marriage is a Beautiful and a Respect ful thing in evry socity of the world. get married, and plz avoid HARAM bad and harmful relations, which are cau
musze 21 days
(new) abaNguni [4552]
Ngunis can u hear me? Proudly South African right in your face. Sothos,Tswanas,Vendas,Pedis,Shangaan. Pls leave yr proudly South African mark here. <i
saher02 28 days
(new) save ur values (5)
Join others Celebrations , but please look v first, how they are behaving with u? and with ur brother sistrs? and with ur religion?
hayatabdu May 2022
(new) Good night (0)
my friends
hayatabdu May 2022
(new) DISHONESTY (0)
were good friends. thy were both sociable they shared commom interests
warded May 2022
(new) Suomi Finland [19]
Moi! Tervetuloa heitteleen hetulaa Suomeksi. welcome Englantikin on sallittua.
unreal.x April 2022
(new) Hi semua [33]
Apa kabar? Dah pada tua pasti sekarang ya lmao.gif
miaiad March 2022
(new) Let's Learn Arabic! [3218]
Salamualykum!... Bissmellahi Rahman Raheem... For all brothers, sisters and Arabic lovers : much welcome..hello3. Ahlan wa sahlan ! Hand by Hand We S
saher02 March 2022
(new) Black magic (8)
Black magic is forbiden (Haram). and evry Haram thing will enter in the Hell.
05mad21 February 2022
(new) OFW SAN kaman naroon [2854]
Mga kababayan!! saan man sulok ng mundo,,kmusta kayong lahat.,gnawa ko e2 para mgkaisa tayo lahat at sana mapansin nyo e2.,mgbalitaan tayo san ka man

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