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mr_khan July 2020
American are real terrorists, NATO helicopters killed 24 soldiers in two military checkpoints inside Pakistani territory, Lets start War against Nat
mr_khan February 2016
na na? Lol paan ta roz milanda ahyu ada. :P
mr_khan November 2011
when i will be 7ty, i will think to send her budy request. Lol.
mr_khan February 2016
hmmm umda.
mr_khan February 2016
What is the opposite of two? A lonely me, a lonely you.

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silvedew February 2016
(new) Thought Of Da Day... [1158]
Its me.,QwiAgal,continues form Pervious Thoughts ,Quotes or wateve da Heart desires,,,non out of context..But in Good faith..Please feel free,To expre

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