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saher02 17 days
(new) Dont waste ur Precious personlty with the hands of (9)
Marriage is a Beautiful and a Respect ful thing in evry socity of the world. get married, and plz avoid HARAM bad and harmful relations, which are cau
saher02 May 2022
(new) save ur values (5)
Join others Celebrations , but please look v first, how they are behaving with u? and with ur brother sistrs? and with ur religion?
saher02 March 2022
(new) Black magic (8)
Black magic is forbiden (Haram). and evry Haram thing will enter in the Hell.
saher02 March 2021
(new) 3 4 Things 3 (2)
There are 4 WORDS in Life ____ TRUTH * HONESTY * LOVE * RESPECT *______WithOut these 4 things in your Life, yOu have nOthing in LiFe....!
saher02 March 2021
(new) Eid Greetings (2)
* HApPY EiD MuBaRaK *

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saher02 March 2021
saher02 March 2019
saher02 November 2018
This is not a solution of problm bcoz technolgy is still there. .
saher02 July 2018
@ shairkhan - 15.07.18 - 10:27pm but i hv no chldrn?but some day. .
saher02 June 2018
Ok go there

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