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missmobi 7 days
(new) Best Free Music App [20]
Iphone 7 Looking For Best Free Top 15 Music Free Apps What People Think How People Are Listerning To There Music Being Able To Save it , On Iphones
mikeymk 15 days
(new) Type-C (2)
The EU want every device, including iPhones, to use Type-C for standardisation. I can understand the objective but Type-C..? It's shyte! [br
spunkydj 20 days
(new) Google iOS apps (1)
I noticed Google apps better on iOS than android has anyone noticed
spunkydj May 2022
(new) Who (7)
Is looking forward to the new features on iOS 15
rosiely April 2022
(new) x x x (0)
Am availaible for hook ups
missmobi April 2022
(new) Iphone 4s (1)
Can anybody shed lite iv not used iphone4s for so long all my apps evven default apps gone ?
polo_011 March 2022
(new) Got my iPhone 11 Pro Max - Midnight Green (3)
So my insurance went ahead and approved the replacement of my stolen XS Max 256GB Space Grey with a 11 Pro Max 256GB Midnight Green on Monday of this
missmobi January 2022
(new) Apples TestFlight (0)
Is there a way of using or joining it i didt in the past but trying get an app downloaded my iphone says download TESTFLIGHT first but i download it
gavster1 January 2022
(new) Iphone 5 (8)
I have noticed loads of people sell there damaged iphone 5 for really cheap without repairing it for themselves people buy them repair it for about be
polo_011 January 2022
(new) Dark Mode vs Light Mode (3)
Which do you prefer? Ive been using Dark Mode since its introduction a few years ago on iOS 13, even on Android I often use Dark Mode, but in recent w
lonsam January 2022
(new) Apps [19]
Hi i have just got an iphone ; and wondered if anyone knows off a free App downloD
spunkydj January 2022
(new) Kaspersky (1)
What is this like for iPhone as want opinions before I decide wether to buy it or not
1clivey1 January 2022
(new) Iphone13 (8)
Looks good great camera
polo_011 October 2021
(new) iOS 14 Bringing some Android Features [24]
So finally we are seeing some Android stuff come over such as Homescreen Widgets, New Call Screen UI, App Library, Picture-in-Picture Mode, being able
swiss68 August 2021
(new) Airblue sharing (9)
Hi guys, I installed and bought Airblue Sharing from cydia on my iPhone 5 but it never detects any other devices via bluetooth. It doesn't seem to wor

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