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So finally we are seeing some Android stuff come over such as Homescreen Widgets, New Call Screen UI, App Library, Picture-in-Picture Mode, being able to set Default Web Browser and default Email app, and a few other thing. What are you guys looking forward to? Here are all the new features: https

To be fair iOS has had widgets for a few years but they were tucked away in the left screen, but now we can put them in our main home screen which is great, Im glad they finally did that. Also glad there is app gallery. As for setting default browser? Couldnt care much for it, Safari is by far the best mobile browser I have ever used in terms of efficiency and speed, it is so easy on battery life it shocks me and it seems most websites are specifically more optimized for Safari than any other mobile browser, I have faced the least issues with this browser vs any other I have used.

Overall I am just glad that iOS is embracing more things from Android as I really like Apples tight integration and optimization of iOS but there were a few things I was missing from android and most of them are now coming to iOS, which makes it that much better for me to use. That new Call Screen alone has BEEN in need lol.gif think all iOS users will agree on that one.
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