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1clivey1 February 2024
(new) Iphone13 [26]
Looks good great camera
1clivey1 September 2020
(new) iphone10 [15]
who on earth would pay 1000pound for an iphone?? ok so its face recognition and has no hard main touch button but so has many others
1clivey1 August 2010
(new) Browser (9)
Why is it so slow? Gota good signal cnt get wifi ere but pages take so long to load opera may be better bt then that dnt refresh safari shd be better
1clivey1 August 2010
(new) Usage (3)
My total usage for last month was 1.2gb bit over the 750mb fair usage lol but had no charges for this frm orange contract bearing in mind it new phone
1clivey1 August 2010
(new) Downloads (3)
What sites cn u download stuff apart from apps store etc that are free n safe guys?

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1clivey1 February 2024
Just got iphone 15 awsum camera the best yet
1clivey1 February 2024
@ polo_011 - 20.10.23 - 04:12pm Nope, got a 15 Pro Max now.Me to brilliant camera
1clivey1 May 2023
Hard to do nowdays....were at iphone 15 now
1clivey1 May 2022
I stopped download on my iphone se2020 as it was guna take hours atm like kept saying 9hrs remaining lol il wait a week or to for the updates
1clivey1 September 2022
Ios15 is out now i tried to download it and it said about 9hrs remaining lol so i cancelled it for now as it was taking ages il try it in a week or s

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