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3mel February 2024
(new) why I'll never buy an apple product [33]
seen a few of this guys videos now and the more I watch the more dislike apple.

* Replies:
3mel October 2023
I saw something on a Level1 video where they said Apple were planning on being di cks about it and using chips with a lower read write speed than you'
3mel February 2024
BIG NEWS... with the up coming Iphone 14 apple will be debuting AOD or Always On Display. lipssealed.gif
3mel February 2024
the pro versions look good (if they weren't on iOS)
3mel July 2021
it must be tricky not being able to mention you want to buy stolen phones.
3mel February 2024
damn, that M1 iPad Pro though... that thing's buttery smooth!

* Favourites:
crail October 2020
(new) The new plumbus x (3)
Teaser of this stunning device...
1clivey1 September 2020
(new) iphone10 [15]
who on earth would pay 1000pound for an iphone?? ok so its face recognition and has no hard main touch button but so has many others

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