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polo_011 September 2022
(new) iOS 14 Bringing some Android Features [25]
So finally we are seeing some Android stuff come over such as Homescreen Widgets, New Call Screen UI, App Library, Picture-in-Picture Mode, being able
polo_011 March 2022
(new) Got my iPhone 11 Pro Max - Midnight Green (3)
So my insurance went ahead and approved the replacement of my stolen XS Max 256GB Space Grey with a 11 Pro Max 256GB Midnight Green on Monday of this
polo_011 January 2022
(new) Dark Mode vs Light Mode (3)
Which do you prefer? Ive been using Dark Mode since its introduction a few years ago on iOS 13, even on Android I often use Dark Mode, but in recent w
polo_011 July 2020
(new) What Case Do You Have (6)
I have long been a fan of the Apple Silicone cases, even before I owned iPhones, I often wished Samsung had the same cases. When I got the XS Max I go
polo_011 March 2020
(new) Got my iPhone XS Max [20]
Got me a iPhone XS Max 256GB Space Grey.I have actually had it since late May, had it about 3 weeks now and loving it. I have always had iPads and we

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polo_011 February 2024
Errr noo.gif
polo_011 February 2024
@ trunking - 26.01.23 - 12:26am Do you still have your 13 Pro Max?Nope, got a 15 Pro Max now.
polo_011 October 2023
@ polo_011 - 22.12.22 - 10:55am Not possible, given the fact that Apple already have USB-C on iPads and on
polo_011 October 2023
Not possible, given the fact that Apple already have USB-C on iPads and on iPad Pro they have USB-C with Thunderbolt 4 support, knowing Apple they wil
polo_011 October 2023
iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini and MacBooks all already have USB-C, Apple just need to shift to it on standard iPad and iPhone. Just in time for iPhone

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warbocop June 2010
(new) Where can i (2)
Where can I download movies for my 3gs thanks for any help
xkearnx May 2010
(new) download str8 2 ipod (9)
can some1 help me download films from the internet str8 to my ipod please! ive got download manager on my ipod but i dont know any good sites to get t
blucar April 2010
(new) iphone 3gs v N97 [60]
guys iv asked at t s60 but well didn get the response i want, which is better? Iv got n n97 but now want an iphone bec heard it totally rocks! Only pr

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