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polo_011 September 2022
(new) iOS 14 Bringing some Android Features [25]
So finally we are seeing some Android stuff come over such as Homescreen Widgets, New Call Screen UI, App Library, Picture-in-Picture Mode, being able
ezzzzzze August 2022
spunkydj August 2022
(new) Google iOS apps (2)
I noticed Google apps better on iOS than android has anyone noticed
mikeymk June 2022
(new) Type-C (2)
The EU want every device, including iPhones, to use Type-C for standardisation. I can understand the objective but Type-C..? It's shyte! [br
spunkydj May 2022
(new) Who (7)
Is looking forward to the new features on iOS 15
rosiely April 2022
(new) x x x (0)
Am availaible for hook ups
missmobi April 2022
(new) Iphone 4s (1)
Can anybody shed lite iv not used iphone4s for so long all my apps evven default apps gone ?
polo_011 March 2022
(new) Got my iPhone 11 Pro Max - Midnight Green (3)
So my insurance went ahead and approved the replacement of my stolen XS Max 256GB Space Grey with a 11 Pro Max 256GB Midnight Green on Monday of this
missmobi January 2022
(new) Apples TestFlight (0)
Is there a way of using or joining it i didt in the past but trying get an app downloaded my iphone says download TESTFLIGHT first but i download it
gavster1 January 2022
(new) Iphone 5 (8)
I have noticed loads of people sell there damaged iphone 5 for really cheap without repairing it for themselves people buy them repair it for about be
polo_011 January 2022
(new) Dark Mode vs Light Mode (3)
Which do you prefer? Ive been using Dark Mode since its introduction a few years ago on iOS 13, even on Android I often use Dark Mode, but in recent w
spunkydj January 2022
(new) Kaspersky (1)
What is this like for iPhone as want opinions before I decide wether to buy it or not
swiss68 August 2021
(new) Airblue sharing (9)
Hi guys, I installed and bought Airblue Sharing from cydia on my iPhone 5 but it never detects any other devices via bluetooth. It doesn't seem to wor
missmobi August 2021
(new) IPHONE 7 [12]
Can anybody tell me as i cant find Opera for iphone 7 in appstore only opera touch ? And another app ,as anybody else noticed missing apps
rascott August 2021
(new) iphone4 [12]
I got phone from friend when I put sim in show no service show hello screen and other network or connect to itune. Igot no pc or laptop plz need help

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