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emski 2 days
(new) What u listenin' 2? pinned [41433]
Ok millionth one i know... I'll start Machine Head - Now i lay thee down
anne_29 11 days
(new) USA TOP 40 BILLB0ARD [24]
List s0me s0ngs that are part of the t0p usa40 billb0ard chart..In rand0m. .Include the number,s0ng and artist...Starts n0w!
dan7h 17 days
(new) prodigy (3)
saw them at carling academy brum last night. Quality. Some of their new stuff is right back on form, can see few of the weird grungy fans selling thei
slick_01 20 days
(new) RAP IS THE FUTURE [272]
Rap/hiphop music is the future of all music, its already overtaking all other type of music and will never die out rap2
ko0te 25 days
(new) Evanescence Fan Club [61]
I'm a dedicated fan of Evanescence... But what happened to the band..? Is it dead..?
prohor11 October 2023
R u a fan of Bryan Adams?If so whats ur opinion to himhis songs?Whats ur fav which is his best song ever?
paulster October 2023
(new) Who sung (5)
''dance, dance, dance to my 10 guitars'' Yo who sung this? its on my mind but just cant who sung this.
britneyz October 2023
(new) jls fans (5)
so who is a jls fan plz leave a message ere
marmite7 September 2023
(new) Depeche Mode [18]
Favourite track everybody. For me it has to be Walking In My Shoes, so haunting when you consider what was going through Dave Gahan's mind at the time
gryff15 September 2023
(new) Charice's Pyramid (6)
What do u think of Charice Pempengco who sang Note To God in Oprah? She was discovered thru YouTube. She has sung in different shows like Ellen... She
wapsofa1 September 2023
(new) Take That (5)
saw em in Wembley last week any1 else go??? they were awsome pet shop boys were good also
kfallon September 2023
(new) Bruce Springsteen (8)
Fav track by the boss? Music mine is The River
cyrilact September 2023
(new) Akon (3)
Akon is the all time best musician nominated six times without giving him a Grammy that is outrageous
rav3n September 2023
(new) Rick Astley [14]
i don't remember seeing a topic about his single (Lights Out) that came out last year so tell me what do you think about it. Funny thing is that i thi
vampboy September 2023
(new) question [14]
do you just download music off the internet, or do you purchase albums from authorised dealers?

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