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emski 3 hours 14 minutes
(new) What u listenin' 2? pinned [40877]
Ok millionth one i know... I'll start Machine Head - Now i lay thee down
dongy 7 days
(new) Iron maiden - whats your fave album? [16]
Maiden fan or not, im sure there is at least one song or album of theres you people like? :)
makavfli 10 days
(new) D12 Vs G-Unit! [14]
which group is better between the two?
bedlam74 12 days
(new) Eminem fans [20]
What is your fave em track? music
mikeymk 16 days
(new) Every breath you take... (8)
So we were just discussing Lionel Ritchie's 'Hello' in chat, and this got me thinking. What's the cheesiest, most tacky, or just downright creepiest s
slick_01 25 days
(new) RAP IS THE FUTURE [238]
Rap/hiphop music is the future of all music, its already overtaking all other type of music and will never die out rap2
six May 2022
(new) The Outhere Brothers (10)
They're out there...
trunking May 2022
(new) Party playlist (2)
List 10 cool songs and their artists that you'd play during a party..
hachey.b May 2022
(new) Stanette (1)
What is her newer username??
hachey.b April 2022
(new) RYLEE (2)
Where are you?! You haven't left have you? I've come back I'm 32 now! Crazy huh!! Brap! I am a boy now
xredmanx April 2022
(new) *uk grime scene* [1478]
Ne uk grime peepz out der a fink it gettin bigga n wana see more uk grime artists break thru sign in n tell us ya fave artist!
stayocom April 2022
(new) DJ HEPHIZY ! (7)
Hi to all dj on the top of turn table ! Can you pls tell me the last on the vibes !
freakyking March 2022
(new) What music do you like (1)
The music you like most and also know it lyrics,the one you sing along with the artist when you hear it.mine is Bounce by nigeria singer Ruger and wha
1owlcity March 2022
(new) Owl City [14]
hoot hoot! absolutely magical !
nickusername February 2022
(new) Deezer (5)
Does anyone know how to connect deezer via Bluetooth? Many thanks in advance

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