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* Topics:
destry 2021
(new) Chris Cornell [30]
Any fans around?
destry September 2020
(new) Classic Rock [24]
Styx, Foreigner, Uriah Heep, The Who, Alice Cooper. Who else do you think could be considered 'classic' rock?
destry July 2011
(new) Best song ever? [73]
Name your favourite song of all time. Mine would be a cross between Nick Drake's Northern Sky, Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song and The Who's Baba O'Reil
destry April 2011
(new) Nick Drake-ish [18]
I'm mildly obsessed with Nick Drake. Can anyone think of any artists similar in style and sound?
destry August 2010
(new) Work out music [12]
What kind of music do you work out to? I don't generally listen to Hip Hop but find it easy to exercise to. What's your favourite work out song?

* Replies:
destry April 2012
@ shpongle - 19.04.12 - 01:34pm twas me, i misread it n thought it said free cr*p nod<
destry April 2012
I cannot understand a word of that. Who the hell is t.Swift? A new rapper or summat? dontknow
destry August 2012
Yazoo's Upstairs at Erics. T'was and stil is awesome!
destry October 2011
Folk. Rock. Folk rock. Metal, Jazz. Country
destry June 2011
One of the worst songs ever...ever, ever, ever. yes

* Favourites:
notyg April 2010
(new) Miley C (8)
Have u listen to Miley C's song-when i look at you? Luv it.her best song so far.theres the 'feel' in her new song

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