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wildhart June 2024
(new) DEATH TO ALL BUT METAL pinned [525]
Not really of course I'm not a music . BUT there is nothing like metal music, the passion, intensity and invetiveness. Whether we are talking thrash,
wildhart November 2017
(new) Cradle of Filth UK Tour (2)
Has anyone on here seen COF on their latest tour? Saw them on Wednesday they were blood awesome maybe the best I have ever seen them
wildhart November 2014
(new) Download 2015 (7)
So 1st announcement is out Friday will Have Slipknot headline main stage, with Judas Priest, the other 2 acts announced are Five Finger Death Punch
wildhart November 2014
(new) Joey Jordison leaves slipknot [21]
Wow I didnt see this coming, it's a shame really. Hope they still go ahead with the New album for 2014
wildhart July 2014
(new) Death Metal - The Big Four? (4)
This came up a few years back in an interview with Paul Mazurkiewicz of Cannibal Corpse and it's doing the rounds again online, it did get me thinking

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wildhart 3 days
Bury Tomorrow - Black Flame
wildhart 3 days
Coma Noir by the Atlas Moth
wildhart 3 days
Machine Head - Kaleidoscope
wildhart 3 days
Catharsis by Machine Head
wildhart July 2019
They have their moments I have liked a few of there songs, Ninja does seem to be a bit of a tool though

* Favourites:
sapphire23 May 2016
(new) Any juggalos or juggalettes (2)
Any icp or twisted insane fans?
cr4zy0n3 June 2016
(new) Katatonia - The Fall of Hearts (4)
These guys never fail to deliver, yet again another masterpiece of this Swedish metal band that continues to amaze me in every new song they write. He
jef87 January 2015
(new) metal vs punk (10)
which one is better?
carmilla July 2014
(new) Seether [13]
Any Seether fans out there?
mwah6666 June 2015
(new) female fronted metal bands [19]
There are a few really good female fronted metal bands like In This Moment. I love the songs Blood Any other of these kind of bands you like?

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