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metalb0y June 2024
(new) The White Stripes [47]
Any white stripes fans around? What's your favourite album? And what are your views on the new album and single, icky thump? I love the song, they key
metalb0y June 2024
(new) METALLICA POST pinned [5585]
Welcome to the Metallica post, here you can discuss anything Metallica related, all fans are welcome, old or new. So let it be written, let it be done...
metalb0y February 2020
(new) Music Websites [12]
So what sites are you using to find new music? ATM I am using MusicLeakster. Post your favorite sites :D
metalb0y May 2011
(new) R'N'R Hall Of Fame [81]
Many great bands have been inducted into The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame such as Black Sabbath, Hendrix, The Doors, Metallica and more. But the RNRHOF is
metalb0y January 2011
(new) -KISS- [93]
This is a topic for all KISS fans new or old. You can speak about anything, the makeup, costumes, favourite members, songs, albums, lyrics and anythin

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metalb0y March 2019
There are so many good albums being released in 2019 man! if you need a list of new albums and links to download them then go to go
metalb0y June 2024
ya'll done dmt?
metalb0y March 2019
(new) offers FREE Mp3 songs and ZIP Albums for download. The website is very fast and updated daily with new songs and albums. Y
metalb0y October 2020
You can find all bodom and COF albums for free download on
metalb0y May 2021
new bodom album hexed free download on

* Favourites:
metalb0y May 2009
(new) Turbonegro! [24]
I recently got into this band, really enjoying their stuff. Whats your guys favourite tracks or albums? All My Friends are Dead, The Age of Pamparius,

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