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1hotie November 2011
(new) Bon jovi (6)
Who gonna see them at hyde park in june?
1hotie April 2010
(new) Bon jovi (4)
Am seeing them in concert in june,anyone else going?
1hotie November 2009
(new) Bon jovi [12]
Whos got ticket?
1hotie September 2009
(new) Bon jovi [18]
Have got a new album out in november
1hotie September 2009

* Replies:
1hotie August 2012
I love queen and freddie, but ive been a huge fan of bon jovi since 1983, and have seen them in concert 6 times. Bon jovi rock oh yeah. Mmm
1hotie June 2012
Bon jovi
1hotie May 2011
Bon jovi ozzy meatloaf whitesnake maidon aerosmith
1hotie April 2010
I love its been a while,great song.
1hotie February 2010
Cos they all got the same interior designer

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